Petroleum Geology of SE Asia

The Petroleum Geology of SE Asia Course - with selective contributions from Professor Robert Hall covering relevant aspects of the Tectonic Evolution of the region.
Date:  30 March to 2 April 2019
The generic content and outline of the Petroleum Geology of SE Asia course is described at however for the first time we have invited Professor Robert Hall to contribute to the course with various cameo's each day covering key aspects of the evolution and geology of the region. Robert is the expert on the tectonic evolution of the region having led the SE Asia Research Group for the last 25 years publishing extensively on their work and models in many scientific journals (see The 4 day outline of the course in this format is summarised below. We hope this format enables students to better understand the complexity, petroleum geology and remaining potential of this fascinating region.
Day 1 – Intro and Regional
  • Course Introduction – history, presenters, objectives.
  • SE Asian petroleum geology data sources – not easy.
  • Overview of historical and alternate current SE Asian Tectonic Models – all models are wrong but some are useful…
  • RH-Tectonic model overview and tomography.
  • Petroleum Systems Overview – charge systems.. why they are important.
  • Regional Exploration History Review – Pith helmets to 3D seismic.
  • Recent Significant Hydrocarbon Discoveries.
Day 2 – Western Basins
  • RH- Sundaland – non-cratonic character, assembly, and west-side introduction.
  • West Side Basins – Myanmar to Sumatra.
  • Javanese Basins.
  • Sunda Rift Basins.
Day 3 – Central Basins
  • RH- Borneo and South China Sea Introduction.
  • Circum South China Sea Basins.
  • Borneo Delta Sags.
Day 4 – Eastern Basins plus Wrap Up
  • RH- East Side Story: Banda, Bird’s Head extension not collisions.
  • East Side Basins overview and detail.
  • Pulling it all together – IML integrated PGSEA model.
  • Strategies for Exploration in SE Asia.
  • Wrap-up, critique.

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