Poster panel 2017

Poster Panels are available to SEC 2017 Sponsors on a ‘First-come first-served basis’ within the exhibition area at the conference for sponsorship at S$7,500 and above.

A poster panel display unit consists of 3 panels, each panel is 1m wide by 2m high.

The panels are blue in background and each unit is basically 3 panels attached together to give a display space of 3m wide by 2m tall, with two spot lights provided.

Posters or anything for display are attached to the panels by Velcro only, supplied by SEAPEX. It is advisable if your posters are laminated. SEAPEX will advise you on the location of your poster panels in due course.

If you are interested in displaying during SEC 2017, please contact Winston Ong.



Event Details

Registration Closed - Contact SEAPEX