Farm Out Forum

As part of the SEAPEX Exploration Conference 2019, SEAPEX is holding a farmout forum on the Tuesday afternoon of 2 April 2019. The farmout forum is free for all conference attendees.

The farmout forum package will consist of :-

1. A poster panel display throughout the duration of the conference.
2. A 10 minute farmout presentation.

The cost for participating in the farm-out forum is S$3,000 (excluding GST). Farmout forum participants are to register for the conference separately.


SEAPEX FARMOUT FORUM - Government & NOCs Invitation

SEAPEX is inviting Government and National Oil Companies to participate in the farmout forum to showcase opportunities available in their respective countries.

1. The presentation slot is free.
2. Usual charges apply for the conference registration and for poster display.

For further information and reservation of the farmout forum, please contact Chester Chua at

Chester Chua
SEC 2019 Farmout Convenor




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