TALKS - 2017

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SEAPEX - in conjunction with the Asia-Pacific Scout Check - brings you an exciting and authoritative series of insights and overviews into petroleum exploration and production within the Asia-Pacific region

The SEAPEX 2017 technical programme has contributions from the entire region, with important technical and commercial talks covering exploration and production case histories and exploration strategies



A new plate model for SE Asia aimed at understanding basin evolution - Geognostics

Constructing Neogene palaeogeographical maps for the Sunda region - Palynova

Exploration opportunities in the APC Region - Total

Learnings in the current Southeast Asian deal space - Mandala

Matching exploration strategies and opportunities in Asia-Pacific - IHS Markit

SEA Unconventionals: SE Asian unconventional oil and gas - Where to next? - Lion Energy



A review of the Lower Middle Triassic, inboard Northern Carnarvon Basin - Carnarvon

Exploration of a sub-salt play in the southern Amadeus Basin, central Australia – searching for big gas in Proterozoic reservoirs - Santos

Reassessment of the petroleum prospectivity of the Browse Basin, offshore northwest Australia - Geoscience Australia



Bohai Bay PL19-3 field growth – a mega project with a phased development strategy and successful appraisal program - ConocoPhillips



Can exploration fix its economics - Wood Mackenzie



Hidden basins and undrilled anticlines: the legacy of early oil exploration in Indonesia - WPS

Why East Java should still be in your exploration portfolio - GISPax



A unique post-MMU hydrocarbon charge system in the Bunguran Trough: a case study from deepwater Sarawak and implications for petroleum exploration - JX Nippon

Central Luconia Carbonate exploration - SapuraKencana

Neogene tectonics of northern Borneo: a simple model to explain complex structures within Miocene-Recent deltaic-deepwater sediments both onshore and offshore - SapuraKencana



Emerging and frontier exploration potential - Petro Matad



Insights in the development of the central tertiary basins onshore & offshore Myanmar - Berlanga

Influence of structural inheritance on the Moattama - East Andaman Basins and the present day plate boundary - Frogtech Geoscience 

Petroleum exploration offshore Myanmar: history and future potential - Racey Geoscience

Technical overview of the geology and chronostratigraphy of the Rakhine Basin - Woodside

Turbidite system of the East Andaman Basin, Myanmar: impacts on exploration - Total



New Zealand’s diverse sedimentary basins - OMV

Well failure; the fairway to success. How understanding failures can be the key to discoveries - NZ Pet & Min



Why has PNG been successful in producing oil and gas?- Port Moresby

PNG’s first offshore development – opportunities and challenges - Twinza

Potential for future petroleum resource growth in PNG - Oil Search

Recent appraisal, exploration highlights and technological implication in foothills exploration - Total



Miocene clastic play in southwest Palawan: a new playground for hydrocarbon exploration - PNOC



Observations of hydrocarbon migration within the Jasmin field and the impact on risk assignment for exploration prospectivity in eastern Block B5/27, Gulf of Thailand - Mubadala

A seismic inversion method for fluvial reservoirs in SE Asia - Ikon Science / KrisEnergy



A preliminary assessment of prospectivity in onshore Timor-Leste - Timor Gap

Re-evaluating Triassic outcrop stratigraphy in Timor-Leste: initial insights into source, reservoir and seal - UWA



Ca Voi Xanh field, Block 118, offshore Da Nang, Vietnam: Exploration highlights and development challenges - ExxonMobil

Detecting basement reservoir fractures on Vietnam's first ocean bottom seismic survey in the Cuu Long Basin - SBGS

Ham Rong Dong Oligocene gas condensate and Ky Lan Miocene gas discoveries - a new significance and opening up vast opportunities in the northern offshore part of Song Hong Basin  - PVEP

Low cost exploration in a frontier area: breaking our model with data, Phu Khanh Basin - Murphy/PVEP

The syn-rift petroleum system in the eastern edge of the Cuu Long Basin - PVEP


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